King Arthur and The Knights of the                               Round Table                          2019

A Summer Carol


As You Like It

as you like it picture.png

Set amidst the music of the 1950’s, the company explore the challenges the traditional rules of romance place on society.

Gender roles and politics are tangled in a story that reflects on how puzzling, yet utterly pleasing life can be.

King Arthur is one of the greatest  magical legends. This production uncovered the drama of illicit love, the enchantment of sorcery and the quest for the Holy Grail. 

An outdoor performance adapted from Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol. The Company provided their original twists and turns, creating an outdoor performance full of laughter and music.

Shakespeare For Supper


 Not all guests are welcome at the Macbeth’s dinner table. Will Macbeth survive the evening and will Shylock receive the justice he deserves? Will Romeo and Juliet follow the advice of Puck and will he help to resolve the devastation that lies amongst the guests.

       Wuthering Heights


     The        Shakespeare Shuffle


Bring Shakespeare into the 21st Century and his stories are still very prevalent of our world.

What then happens if an unfortunate accident causes the characters to become slightly muddled and find themselves somewhat misplaced.

The Merchant of Venice


Venice, modern day. Shylock offers Bassanio a loan so he can pursue his love, Portia. When Bassanio's luck runs out Shylock demands his pound of flesh. With the court assembled and a judgement due, Portia swings into action to save the day.